Thursday, July 28, 2011

New blog location - same sketchy goodness

In case you were wondering why I have not posted in a's because I found Tumblr. So I'm now basically hosting my blog over there. It's easy to use and great for the time challenged (both in posting and in reading) Check it out:

Lately, I've been doing a panel-a-day comic about my mom experience. A "momic". It's sort of like the Family Circus as told by the mom,...if the mom was old, tired, somewhat surly, and watched too much TV. If you're not a parent, you might find it grating. Which I apologize for. I remember those days. But for you, I am also doing the "Animal Alphabet" challenge with some certified (and certifiable?) comic greats, and I occasionally post longer multi-panel comics for your enjoyment. Like this one about my friend Ellie. You can RSS the tumblr blog too, so it'll come to you when I post something.

Also, I tweet on a variety of topics over on Twitter. Again, most fall within the parameters of drawing, sleeping, or watching TV. It's really not as much of a time-waster as you would think. I use a scheduling app sometimes. Shhhhh.

Hope you'll continue to keep in touch! Thanks for being my guinea pig audience....

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