Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Atwomic #2

This was my second #Atwomic . Another 7 panels with guidance via nightly tweets. This one is more complex than my last. And it shows by the meaning I was trying to infuse into the details. Got a little up my own bottom for my comfort, but that won't prevent me from sharing it. (So apparently, I'm still up there...)

It started getting a little too detailed on the nightly panel discriptions/directions, which was little stifling to me. While it's fun to figure your way out of a painted corner, when the tweeting directions become 3 or 4 tweets long, it became homework.

What I liked best about this event was how people interpreted subtle direction differently and created stories from gentle guidance. So I'm taking a break for a time from them. But I've started on something new and will continue to share. Stay tuned!

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