Thursday, October 7, 2010


Okay, so I'm one of those moms who think everything my daughter does is funny. I can't help it. But more importantly, everything that my husband does is funny in relation to her.

She's funny with the Kiss. Sometimes I'll catch her playing with her toys by herself singing it so sweetly. She also likes "Bizarre Love Triangle" by New Order, and the entire first Joy Division album,, how on earth could that have happened?

Sketchbook: Sleeping Babies

These are actually 2 different sketches I did on one page,...but I like how they work together: Giant cat sleeping below a tiny delicate girl. I was watching one on the video monitor and the other was right beside me. One of these days I'll have to give up that video monitor,....and it will be a very hard day for me, indeed. But then, when she's around 14 years old, I can install it again, right?

First Images: Violet

These sketches are for a graphic novel I've had swirling around in my head for some time. Years now. One of these days I'll actually start drawing it. I'm not set on her name yet, for now I call her "Violet".

I'm thinking I need to do some more study of her hair. It needs to be wavy and wild. John K. had a good hair exercise that I need to try. She's a tough little kid, that doesn't have a lot of smiles in the I need to get the right variety of surly, stoic, sullen, and snarly. She needs more work.

New Comic: "Mumbles"

Finally created a new one. It's actually been in my sketchbook a few weeks. But I was using it as a teaching tool for my nephew,...contrast, composition, etc. Yeah, I know, teaching about comics, when I have so much to learn myself! But it's always fun to draw me and my husband. I'm always so much thinner....