Tuesday, December 1, 2009

16 Topics from Billy Bob's Diner: Topic #1

This is a comic that is a couple of years old, back when my hair was long, before I was a Mom, and when Ed and I actually went out to eat ALL THE TIME. We would go to this funny silver diner every weekend and have very deep meaningful conversations. So I did this comic (all 24 pages) during a 24-hour comic challenge. It was the last time I stayed up 24 hours until I was in labor. And I'm still convinced this one was WAY harder on the body. No drugs were used while making this one. AND there were guys playing Magic the Gathering all night long beside me. Do you know how many times I had to listen to Weird Al Yankovich's "White and Nerdy"?

FYI, Billy Bob's is a real place. Visit them sometime at Billy Bob's Silver Diner! Anyhoo, I'll dole these out in installments on a weekly basis. Please do enjoy.....

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  1. Okay, this one has me laughing SO hard I'm actually cryin'....and not because I actually know exactly where Billy Bob's is...but because this is HILARIOUS! and....expertly drawn (loved Faye Dunaway!....and you and Ed look exactly like you and Ed....only without the IRL color, of course...)

    it's official. you're a riot.